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OERC becomes E-Commission

We are glad to announce that OERC becomes E-Commission from January 2007. The new portal of OERC has the features to facilitate you to do the following on-line.

  1. File Petition

  2. Track your Cases

    1. With Case No.

    2. Without Case No.

  3. See Cause List

  4. See your Billing Details

    1. CESU Users

    2. NESCO Users

    3. SOUTHCO Users

    4. WESCO Users

  5. Log-In for Utilities to work with Information Systems

    1. Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS)

    2. CESU Billing Information System (CBIS)

  6. Log-In for Intranet Users (Discussion Forum, Mailing facility etc.)

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