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1. Working Hours: 10 am to 5:30 pm

2. The Particulars of OERC
    i. Mission Statement
    ii. History
    iii. Role
    iv. Functions
    v. Powers
    vi. Composition-organisation chart
    vii. Activities of the Law Division
    viii. Activities of the Tariff Division

3. Officers and Staff

4. Powers and duties of officers and staff

5. Procedure

    i. Work procedure

    ii. Decision making process including channels of supervision and accountability

6. Norms
    i. Guiding principles

    ii. Norms set by the public authority

7. Rules, regulations, manuals, instructions and records

8. Categories of documents

9. Particulars of consultation

10. Statement of boards and councils, etc

11. Directory of officers and staff

12. Monthly remuneration of employees

13. Budget

      i. Annual accounts

14. Information available in Electronic Form

15. Facilities available

16. List of Public Information Officers

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