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Renewable Energy

Sr. No. Description Attachments
1. OERC (Promotion of Renewable Energy through Green Energy Open Access) Regulations, 2023 Download
2. Amendment to the Order on Net Metering/Bi-Directional Metering & their Connectivity with respect to Solar PV Projects 2016
(as amended upto 17.01.2018)
3. OERC (Procurement of Energy Renewable Sources and its Compliance) Regulations, 2021 Download
4. OERC (Mini-Grid Renewable Energy Generation and Supply) Regulations, 2019 Download
5. Order on OERC Net Metering/ Bi-Directional Meeting Download
6. OREDA as State Agency for accreditation and recommending the renewable energy projects for registration and to undertake functions under the OERC (Procurement of Energy from Renewable sources and its Compliance) Regulations, 2015 Download