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What's New

S.L No.TitleDownload
1Final order Case No.18 of 2024Download
2Quotation Call Notice for Voltas make split Air Conditioner with inverter technologyDownload
3Interim order Case No. 09 of 2024Download
4Interim order Case No. 18 of 2024Download
5Interim order Case No. 24 of 2024Download
6Interim order Case No. 03 of 2024Download
7Interim order Case No. 04 of 2024Download
8Interim order Case No. 05 of 2024Download
9Interim order Case No. 08 of 2024Download
10Interim order Case No.11 of 2024Download
11Interim order Case No.129 of 2023Download
12Interim order Case No.132 of 2023Download
13Postponement of Hearing on 16.04.2024Download
14Public Notice for Case No. 21 of 2024 along with Petition and PresentationDownload
15Quotation Call Notice for Air ConditionerDownload